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Help Yourself :

Once, two mice entered a dairy. As they were looking for something to eat, they slipped and fell into a large-drum full of milk. They did not know how to swim. Soon they started drowning.

Both of them started struggling to stay afloat. One of the mice said, "Friend, I think we are going to drown. No one can help us now. I wish God would send someone to help us!"

The other mouse calmly said, "Do not be afraid my friend. We must not lose heart. We must keep trying."

But a few minutes later, the first mouse gave up hope. He did not try and so he drowned. The other mouse saw his friend drowning in the milk and felt very sorry.

He kept moving his legs to try to keep afloat. Soon this had a churning effect and a thick layer of cream fat was formed on the milk's surface. With great effort, the mouse climbed the creamy layer and jumped out to safety. The mouse realized that God helps those who help themselves.

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