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Faint: To pass out or become unconscious

Feint: A deceptive or pretended blow, thrust or attacking movement, especially in boxing or fencing


1. Treating people equally just or appropriate in the circumstances

2. (Of hair or complexion) light

3. Considerable in size or amount, moderately good

4. (Of weather) Fine and dry

5. A gathering of stalls and amusements for public entertainment

6. A periodic gathering for the sale of goods


1. The money a passenger on public transport has to pay

2. A range of fare

3. To perform in a specified way in a particular situation or period


1. A litter of pigs

2. (Of a sow) to give birth to piglets

Pharaoh: Egyptian kings of ancient times

Faze: (usually with the negative) Disturb or disconcert (Informal)

Phase: A part of the sequence, a particular period

Feat: An achievement or accomplishment

Feet: The plural form of foot-the lower extremity of the leg below the angle

Feted: Honored or entertained lavishly

Fetid: Smelling unpleasant

Few: Not many, less in number

Phew: An expression of relief, usually with an exclamation mark


1. Natural ability or talent

2. Stylishness


1. A sudden brief burst of flames or light

2. A device producing a very bright flames as a signal or marker

3. A sudden burst of intense emotion or anger

4. A gradual widening towards the hem of the garments

Flea: A small wingless jumping insect which feeds on the blood of mammals and birds

Flee: To run away

Flour: A powder obtained by grinding grains, used to make bread, cakes and pastries

Flower: A bloom of a plant

Foreword: The introduction to a book

Forward: To move ahead


1. Offensive to the senses

2. Contrary to the rules of a sport

3. Polluted or contaminated

Fowl: A domesticated bird derived from a jungle fowl and kept for its egg or meat, a cock or hen

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