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1. pellets of frozen rain falling in showers

2. A large number of things that are hurled forcefully through the air

3. Call out someone to attract attention

4. Acclaim enthusiastically as something

5. Have one’s origins or home in (to hail from)

Hale: (Usually referring to an old person) Strong and healthy (hale and healthy)

Hall: A large room


1. To pull or drag with effort or force

2. A quantity of something obtained, especially illegally

3. A number of fish caught at one time(a good haul)

4. A distance to be traveled(it is a long haul)

Hangar: A garage for aircraft

Hanger: A shaped piece of wood, plastic or metal with a hook at the top, meant for hanging clothes

Heal: To cure a disease

Heel: The hind part of the foot


1. Sound picked by the ear

2. To be told or informed about

Herd: Large group of animals, especially hoofed mammals that live together or are kept together


1. A store of money or valued objects

2. To amass and hide or store away(wealth or money)


1. (Mainly derogatory) A large group of people

2. An army or tribe of nomadic warriors

Hoes: More than one long handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for weeding


1. A flexible tube conveying water used primarily for watering plants and firefighting

2. To water or spray with a hose

Holy: Something considered true, sacred and pure with religious significance Wholly: Completely, fully and entirely

Humerus: The bone of the upper arm or forelimb, between the shoulder and the elbow- also called the funny bone

Humorous: causing amusement, funny, having or showing a sense of humor

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