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1. To work dough or clay with the hands

2. Massage as if kneading

Need: Something one must have, something required


1. (Middle Ages)A man elevated to honorable military rank after service as a page or squire

2. A man devoted to the cause or service of a woman(poetic or literary)

3. A chess piece, shaped like a horse’s head, that moves by jumping to the opposite corner of a rectangle two squares by three


1. The time from sunset to sunrise

2. The darkness of the night


1. Fastening that is made by looping a piece of string, rope, etc.. on itself and tightening it

2. A hard lump of bodily tissue

3. A small group of people

4. A unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour, used for ships, aircraft or wind


1. the digit zero

2. Nothing

Not: A word denoting negation

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