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Pail: A bucket


1. Containing little color or pigment, light in color (a person’s face) having little color, usually due to shock, fear or ill ness

2. Unimpressive or inferior ( a pale imitation)

3. Seem or become less important (to pale in comparison)

4. A wooden stake used with others to form a fence

5. A boundary (lie outside the pale of morality)


1. Strong unpleasant and hurting bodily sensation such as one caused by illness or injury

2. Mental suffering or distress


1. A single sheet of glass in a window or door

2. A sheet or page of stamps

Pair: A set of two


1. Trim by cutting away the edges

2. Reduce or diminish in a number of small successive stages

Pear: A yellowish or brownish green edible fruit, the tree that bears this fruit


1. The roof of the mouth, separating the cavities of the mouth and nose vertebrates

2. A person’s ability to distinguish between and appreciate flavors

3. The flavor of a wine or beer


1. A thin board or other surface on which an artist lays and mixes colors

2. The range of colors used by a particular artist in a particular time

3. The range of tonal or instrumental colors in a musical piece


1. A straw mattress

2. A crude or makeshift bed

3. A portable platform on which goods can be moved, stacked and stored

4. A flat wooden blade with a handle that is used to shape clay or plaster

Pause: A temporary stop in action or speech


1. An animal’s foot having claws and pads

2. (Informal) A person’s hands

Pea: A round green seed eaten as a vegetable, the leguminous plant which yields pods containing peas


1. To urinate

2. Urine


1. The pointed top of the mountain

2. A point in a curve or on a graph

3. The point of highest activity or achievement


1. To look quickly or furtively

2. Protrude slightly so as to be just visible


1. A feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, particularly to one’s pride

2. Stimulate one’s interest or curiosity


1. Loud ringing of bells

2. A loud repeated or reverberating sound of thunder or laughter


1. Remove the outer covering or skin from a fruit or vegetable

2. The outer covering or skin of a fruit or vegetable


1. Each of a pair of foot-operated levers for moving a bicycle or other vehicle propelled by leg-power

2. To move a bicycle by working ob the pedals


1. Sell goods by going from place to place

2. Sell an illegal goods or drugs

3. (Derogatory) Promote an idea or view persistently


1. Simple and ordinary, not decorated or elaborate

2. easy to perceive or understand


1. A flat surface on which a straight line joining any two points would wholly lie

2. Completely even or flat

3. A level of existence or thought


1. Address a prayer to God

2. Wish or hope earnestly for specific out come


1. An animal hunted or killed by another animal for food

2. Hunt or kill for food

3. Exploit or injure, cause trouble to


1. First in order of importance, main

2. Denoting the original sum of money invested or lent

3. The head of a school or a college

4. (Law) A person directly responsible for a crime (the principal accused)


1. A fundamental truth or proportion serving as the foundation for belief or action

2. Morally correct behavior and attitude

3. A fundamental source or basis for something

4. (Chemistry) An active or characteristic constituent of a substance

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