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Sachet: A small sealed bag or packet containing a limited quantity of something


1. Walk ostentatiously, with exaggerated hip and shoulder movements

2. Perform the sashay

Seam: A line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together in a garment or other article

Seem: Give the impression of being


1. Burn or scorch with sudden intense heat

2. (Of pain) Be experienced as a sudden burning sensation


1. A person of supposed supernatural insight who sees visions of the future

2. An enlightened person or one who has attained nirvana

3. A varying unit of weight (about one kilo gram) or liquid measure (about one litre), used in the Indian subcontinent

Serf: (During feudal times) An agricultural laborer who has bonded to working on a particular estate


1. The mass or line of foam formed by waves breaking on a seashore or reef

2. Stand or lie on the surf board and ride on the crest of a wave towards the shore

3. To be occupied by moving from one web site to another on the internet


1. To cut the wool off a sheep or other animal

2. Break off or cause to break of , owing to structural strain


1. Nothing other than, unmitigated (sheer bad luck)

2. Perpendicular or nearly so(of a cliff or a wall)

3. Very thin (Of fabric)

4. Swerve or charge course quickly(especially a boat)

Sic: Written exactly as it appears in the original (used after a copied or quoted word)


1. Affected by physical or mental illness

2. Feeling nauseous or wanting to vomit

3. Bored, weary or tired of(Especially through excessive exposure)

4. (Of humor) Dealing offensively with unpleasant or upsetting objects

5. Having abnormal or unnatural

6. tendencies(especially sexual)

Slay: To kill or murder someone


1. A sledge drawn by horses or reindeers

2. To ride on sledge


1. Fly or rise high into air

2. Increase rapidly above the usual level


1. Painful or aching

2. Upset and angry

3. Severe, urgent


1. The underside of a person’s foot

2. The underside of a tool or an implement

3. One and only


1. The spiritual or immaterial part of a human, regarded as immortal

2. A person who is regarded as the embodiment of some equality

Stake: A wooden pole

Steak: A slice of meat


1. Not moving

2. Not changing in quantity or condition

Stationery: Paper or other material needed for wiring

Storey: A floor or part of a building comprising all the rooms those are on the same level


1. An account of imagination or real people and events told for entertainment

2. An account of past events, experiences, etc…

3. (Informal) A lie

Succor: Assistance or support during the time of hardship or distress

Sucker: (Informal) A gullible person or one whom it is easy to deceive

Suite: A set of rooms for one person’s or his family’s use or for a particular purpose, especially in a hotel


1. With the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey, not salty, sour, bitter

2. (Of air, water, etc…) Fresh, pure, untainted

3. Pleasing in general, delightful

4. (Of a person) Pleasant and kind or thoughtful

5. A small piece of confectionary made of sugar

6. A sweet dish forming a course of a meal

7. A pudding or dessert

Sundae: A dish of ice with added such as fruit, nuts and syrup or chocolates

Sunday: The day of the week before Monday and after Saturday, observed as a day of rest and religious workshop


1. A thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract

2. A mark or character used as a conventional representation of something

Cymbal: A musical instrument consisting of a slightly concave round brass plate that is either struck against one another or struck with a stick

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