Here You could find all types of Homonyms to clarify your doubt.

Wade: Walk through any liquid or viscous substance

Weighed: To have one’s weight taken


1. A prolonged and high-pitched cry of pain, grief or anger

2. Cry out or utter a wail


1. A ridge on a textured woven fabric such as corduroy

2. A horizontal band around a woven basket

3. (Nautical) A horizontal wooden strip fitted to strengthen a boat’s side

Whale: A very large mammal and the largest creature on earth


1. The part of the human body that lies below the ribs and above the hips

2. The narrow portion in the middle of something


1. To use carelessly, extravagantly or without specific purpose

2. Be unable to make proper or good use of

3. To become progressively weaker and thinner(to waste away)

Waive: To refrain from insisting upon or enforcing/applying a right or claim


1. To move the hand to and fro in greeting or as a signal

2. Style hair so that it curls slightly

3. A ridge of water curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore or between two depressions in open water

4. A sudden occurrence of or increase in a specified phenomenon or emotion

Want: To have a desire to do or possess something

Wont: Accustomed to, one’s customary behavior or habit


1. Covered or saturated with a liquid

2. (Of paint, ink, etc…) Not yet dry or hardened

3. (British informal) Lacking forcefulness or strength of character

4. (informal, of an area) Allowing the free sale of alcoholic drinks


1. To sharpen the blade of a tool or weapon

2. To excite or stimulate(a person’s desire, interest or appetite)


1. A long high-pitched complaining cry

2. A feeble or petulant complaint

3. To complain in a feeble or in a petulant manner

Wine: An alcoholic drink that is made from fermented grape juice

Who’s: A contraction of who is or who has

Whose: (Interrogative) Belonging to or associated with which person is related

Here You could find all types of Homonyms to clarify your doubt.

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