Horse and The Donkey

Horse and The Donkey :

Once, a brave soldier had a swift horse and a hard working donkey. He used the horse during the battles.

The donkey he had kept carried loads of goods when there was no war so as to earn some money.

The donkey was jealous of the horse as he thought that the horse was generally enjoying idle life whereas he worked hard and earned livelihood for the master and also for the horse.

One day the soldier learns that there would be war between his kingdom and the neighbouring country. The donkey felt happy. He thought with pleasure, "Oh! The horse will go to the battleground and I will be free to enjoy here."

So the donkey teased the horse but just then, a message was received that a treaty had been signed. So there would be no war. The soldier sent the donkey to a merchant's house to carry his goods to earn some money.

So the donkey was taught a lesson because he had teased someone who was sad and worried.

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