How is a GERUND used?

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How is a GERUND used? :

The -ing form of an English verb when used as a noun is called the Gerund. A gerund has the characteristic of a Noun as well as a verb.

General form : Root verb + ing

The Gerund is used in the following cases.

  1. Subject to a verb :

    Running is a good exercise.

    Cooking is an art.

  2. Object to verb :

    Priya gave up dancing.

    He has learnt swimming.

  3. Object to a Preposition :

    Children are fond of playing.

    He was fined for coming late.

  4. Complement to a verb :

    His constant habit was sleeping.

    My favourite hobby is gardening.

  5. In apposition to a Pronoun :

    It is unwise calling him.

    It is no use crying.

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