Hyphenating Words

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Hyphenating Words :

What is the rule for Hyphenating Words?

Compound adjectives are usually hyphenated. So we have :

  • a high-quality performance

  • a ten-dollar note

  • a blue-eyed boy

  • With multiple compounds, it is usually the first two adjectives or the most adjective-like that are hyphenated. So we have :

  • a deep-seated gravitational slope

  • a high-quality virtuoso performance

  • Note also the pattern :

  • part- and full-time jobs

  • high- and low-tide phenomena

  • However, if adjectives are placed after the verb, they are usually not hyphenated. Compare

  • an out-of-work actor

  • an up-to-date account

  • He was out of work.

  • She was up to date.

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