Identify The Kinds of Sentences.

Identify The Kinds of Sentences as Exclamatory, Imperative, Assertive or Interrogative Sentences :


  1. Go there.

  2. Do you have a pen?

  3. Mohan planned a tony.

  4. How gracefully he played!

  5. What is your aim in life?

  6. Be quite.

  7. My father started a business.

  8. Ah! I have got the first prize.

  9. Ravi is a good boy.

  10. Do your duty.

  11. Where do you live?

  12. What a beautiful plate this is!

  13. Stop the car.

  14. What day is today?

  15. What a lucky man he is!

  16. The Police arrested the thief.

  17. The teacher teaches well.

  18. Take these books.

  19. Where is your school?

  20. Oh! I missed the bus.

  21. What is your pet animal?

  22. Pakistan is our neighboring country.

  23. Throw the ball.

  24. What a tasty food!

  25. What is your optional subject?

  26. Alas! The sun is very hot to go out!

  27. Kalpana Roy is a brilliant girl.

  28. Remove your shoes.


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