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Fill in the blanks choosing the correct Idioms and Phrases.

(equally tough, in case of, come of age, took up to, a good deal of, put off, keep out, consists of, got over, at the top of)

  1. Come of age children should be responsible.

  2. The questions in Maths as well as Science are equally tough.

  3. A good deal of sugar was imported from UK.

  4. It took up to two years to increase the level of production.

  5. In case of failure in the examination my father will stop my studies.

  6. The computer consists of a key board, a monitor and CPU.

  7. The meeting was put off to next week.

  8. Supply of drinking water is at the top of the council’s proposals.

  9. My mother got over all difficulties by hard work.

  10. This sweater will help you to keep out the cold.

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