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Fill in the blanks choosing the correct Idioms and Phrases.

(in no time, give up, no matter how, look around, every now and then, proceed with, came to realise, brush up, gets up, spread across)

  1. I made up my mind to give up drinking water.

  2. Every now and then Palanichamy visited his grandmother’s house.

  3. In no time a lorry dashed against that tree.

  4. It is safe to look around before crossing a road.

  5. No matter how difficult it is, we have to keep our promises.

  6. At last he came to realise that he was wrong.

  7. She prays to God when she gets up in the morning.

  8. Hinduism has spread across almost all the countries.

  9. Please proceed with your work.

  10. You must brush up your mathematical knowledge before solving this problem.

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