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Fill in the blanks choosing the correct Idioms and Phrases.

(rushed out, able to prove, walk down, at the moment, jump over, in response to, attests to, for emphasis, spread across, as high as)

  1. The old man fell down when he walked down the steps.

  2. Rajan is playing tennis at the moment.

  3. The lawyer was able to prove his client innocent.

  4. The cat jump over the wall ands entered the room.

  5. Policemen rushed out from the lorry to disperse the crowd.

  6. Hinduism has spread across almost all the countries.

  7. In response to my uncle’s advice I cancelled my trip to Ceylon.

  8. The construction of Meenakshi temple attests to the skill of artisans.

  9. the athlete jumped as high as the wall.

  10. The officer repeated the rules for emphasis.

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