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All is certain - the outcome is beyond doubt; Assured of success.


The hockey team was winning by five goals at the start of the the third period - they thought they had the game
in the bag, but the other team came on to win in overtime.


This is derived from the House of Commons, along with
On the nod and Toe the line. In the bag means: a bag of petitions behind the Speaker.

Alternative: The bag is one which holds birds and other small game which have been shot and are on their way home to the cooking pot.

Alternative: Originated in Great Britain. A bag was placed under the Speaker's chair in the House of Commons. If there was a petition placed
in the bag, then it must be raised on that day. Another idea is similar to the phrase, all wrapped up. In allusion to merchandise, success was assured and merely awaited delivery. When paper bags replaced wrapping paper for the holding of groceries or the like, the later saying succeeded the older. Katie Cutie.

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