In The Departmental Store

In The Departmental Store :

It was a hot summer afternoon. People went shopping only during evening hours when it became cool. One day, Silki and Suzanne, the two girls living in the same locality, went to a departmental store near their locality.

They tied their puppy to a stool outside the departmental store and went inside to buy ice-creams. The store was centrally air-conditioned. As Silki and Suzanne got inside the store, they felt a great relief from the heat outside.

The store was packed. Mr. Martin, their neighbour, had also come to the store. Two girls standing near the cash counter were enjoying, themselves their soft drinks. Suzanne and Silki did not know them.

Mr. Martin was an old man. So, he could do his shopping rather slowly. It was a self-service store. Silki and Suzanne wanted to buy ice-creaqms with a delicate black currant flavour.

Many people were standing in a queue to buy ice-cream coupons. “Move on, please,” said the man at the cash counter as he took cash from a customer standing first in the queue. It was Mr. Martin’s turn now.

Since he was an old man, he was taking time in taking out his wallet from his pocket. He had to put his walking stick aside before he could take out his wallet.

By the time, Mr. Martin could take out his wallet, the two girls, who were standing next to Mr. Martin, came forward and asked for ice-creams.

They could not wait for Mr. Martin to pay for ice-creams. Silki and Suzanne were watching their manners.

Mr. Martin was completely dumbfounded. He sometimes looked at the shopkeepers and then to the girls. He was shocked at their rude behaviour. He did not know how to teach manners to those girls. “These girls are too impatient. They do not have any respect for an old man, thought Mr. Martin.

After the shopkeepers had attended to those girls, he turned to Mr. Martin and said, “What would you like to have sir?”

In the meantime, Silki and Suzanne too approached the counter to buy ice-creams. Having seen those girls there, Mr. Martin asked the shopkeepers to attent them first.

“They should also be in hurry,” said Mr. Martin to the shopkeepers.

“No uncle. You buy first. We will buy after you,” said Suzanne politly.

“It is your turn now.” Mr. Martin felt very satisfied with their behaviour. He was not expecting such sensible and caring attitude from the young girls.

“Thank you very much girls,” said Mr. Martin to the girls.

“I appreciate your feelings,” smiled Mr. Martin as he blessed Suzanne and Silki.

The shopkeeper who was listening to their conversation was also greatly impressed with Suzanne and Silki.

Moral :

Always wait for your turn. It helps things run smoothly. If a person lets you go first, do not forget to say, “Thank you” to him / her.

In The Departmental Store

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