Synonyms & Antonyms : Incapable


( Adjective )

The children are
incapable of telling lie.









Contextual Examples:

The workers went on strike as the new manager was found
incompetent to efficiently control productive activities of the firm.

inefficient workers cannot be paid as much as the efficient ones.

I feel
unqualified to speak on the subject.

Inadequate supply of essential commodities in the district has caused general dissatisfaction among the people.

He is
unable to walk properly owing to an old age.

He is
unfit to try once again in his present state.








Contextual Examples:

Deepak is a
gifted child. He invariably tops in the class.

Nehru was a
capable leader. His oratory was unrivalled and patriotism too was explicit in every word he utters.

Pankaj is a
qualified engineer. No wonder he makes the machine work accurately.

Deepak is an
accomplished personality in every sense of the term knowledgeable, smart, sociable and healthy.

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