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This is the time for Incubating. We are strong believers in intervals of downtime when you write, particularly if you are struck at some point. Such intervals allow you brain to function out of sight for a while. Wee do not really know what happens during these time-outs, but for most writers they seem to help. When a solution surfaces, the conscious mind can say “Aha!” and move ahead.

Short periods of incubation may happen several times during a writing project - Perhaps when you take time out to run or to do the laundry. Count on them for those times when you stall. For a long project, have faith that your brain will work while you’re sleeping. Plan, prepare, and draft, then relax when you need to and trust your subconscious to come through for you.

Two Cautions :

(1) Be ready to seize the moment when solution surfaces. Get to your computer immediately or graph a pen to make notes.

(2) Don’t wait too long for lightning to strike.

If your deadline approaches and your subconscious is still snoozing, go back to your writing. Chances are good that whatever has been bubbling under the surface will emerge.

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