Indian Boy Baby Names

Indian Boy Baby Names :

Aadesh (command; message)

Aadi (first; most important)

Aabha (light)

Aabharan (Jewel)

Aabher (a cow herd)

Aadarsh (One who has principles)

Aadhishankar (Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy)

Aadhunik (modern, new)

Aadinath (God, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the first God)

Aaditey (Son of Aditi)

Aafreen (encouragement)

Aagney (son of the Fire God)

Aahlaad (delight)

Aahlaadith (Joyous person)

Aahwaanith (one who has been invited,wanted)

Aakar (form, shape)

Aakash (the sky, vast like the sky)

Aakanksh (Desire)

Aalam (ruler, king, the whole world)

Aalap (musical prelude)

Aalok (Cry of victory)

Aamod (Pleasant.Accept)

Aandaleeb (The Bulbul bird)

Aashish (blessings; Aashirwad)

Aatish (Explosive, a Dynamic person)

Aabheer, Abheer (a cow herd)

Abbas (a family name)

Abhay (fearless)

Abhayananda (one who is delights in remaining fearless)

Abhayaprada (bestower of safety, another name for Vishnu)

Abheek (fearless)

Abhibhava (overpowering, powerful, victorious)

Abhichandra (with a moon like face, one of the 7 Manus of the Sevtambara jaina sect)

Abhidi (radiant)

Abhihita (expression, word, name)

Abhijat (Noble, wise)

Abhijaya (conquest, complete victory)

Abhijit, Abhijeet (victorious)

Abhijvala (blazing forth)

Abhilash (desire)

Abhimand (gladdening)

Abhimani (full of pride, another name for Agni as the eldest son of Brahma)

Abhimanyu (Arjuna's son)

Abhimanyusuta (son or Abhimanyu)

Abhimoda (joy, delight)

Abhinabhas (renowned, famous)

Abhinanda (to rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delight)

Abhinandana (felicitous, welcoming)

Abhinatha (lord of desires, another name for kama)

Abhinav (novel)

Abhinava (new, young, fresh, modern, a sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment)

Abhirup (pleasing)

Abhishek (an auspicious bath for a deity; anointing)

Abhisoka (passionate, loving)

Abhisumat (radiant, another name of sun)

Abhisyanta (splendid, a son of Kuru and Vahini)

Abhivira (surrounded by heroes, a commander)

Abhra (cloud)

Abhrakasin (with clouds for shelter, an ascetic)

Abhyagni (towards the fire, a son of Aitasa)

Abhyudaya (sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity)

Abhyudita (elevated, risen, prosperous)

Abjayoni (born of the lotus, another name for Brahma)

Abjit (conquering water)

Achal (constant)

Achalapati (lord of the immovable, lord of mountain)

Achalendra (lord of the immovable, the Himalayas)

Achalesvara (god of the immovable, another name for Shiva)

Achanda (not of the hot temper, without anger, gentle)

Acharya, Aacharya (teacher, another name for Drona, Asvaghosa and Krpa)

Acharyanandana (son of the teacher, another name for Aswatthama)

Acharyasuta (son of the teacher, another name for Aswatthama)

Acaryatanaya (son of the teacher, another name for Aswatthama)

Achindra (flawless, uninterrupted, perfect)

Achintya (inconceivable; a name of Lord Shiva; beyond comprehension)

Achyut, Achyuta (imperishable; indestructible; a name of Vishnu)

Achyutaraya (worshipper of the infallible, a devotee of Vishnu)

Adalarasu (king of dance)

Adarsh (ideal)

Adesh (command)

Adhik (greater)

Adhikara (principal, controller, right)

Adhipa (king, ruler)

Adhita (a scholar)

Adil (sincere; just)

Adinath (the first lord; Lord Vishnu)

Adikavi (first poet)

Adit (from the beginning)

Aditeya (another name for the sun)

Aditya (the sun)

Adityanandana (son of the sun)

Adityavardhana (augmented by glory)

Adripathi (master of the mountains)

Adwaita, Advaitha (non-duality)

Adway, Adwaya (one; united)

Aftab,Aftaab (the sun)

Agasti, Agastya (name of a sage)

Agha (pre-eminent)

Aghat (destroyer of sin)

Agharna (the moon)

Agneya (son of agni)

Agnikumara (son of agni)

Agniprava (bright as the fire)

Agrim (leader; first)

Agriya (first best)

Ahsan (mercy)

Aijaz (favour)

Aiman (fearless)

Ainesh (the sun's glory)

Ajatashatru (without enemies)

Ajay (invincible; unconquerable)

Ajendra (king of mountains)

Ajinkya (invincible)

Ajit, Ajeet (invincible)

Ajitabh (one who has conquered the sky)

Ajitesh (Vishnu)

Ajmal (pious)

Ajamil (a mythological king)

Akalmash (stainless, pure)

Akash, Akaash, Aakaash (the sky)

Akbar (powerful)

Akhil (complete)

Akhilesh (lord of all)

Akmal (complete)

Akram (excellent)

Akroor (kind)

Akshan (eye)

Akshar (imperishable)

Akshath (indestructible)

Akshay (indestructible)

Akshit (permanent)

Akul (a name of Lord Shiva)

Alagan (handsome)

Alagarasu (handsome king, King of beauty)

Alam, Aalam (the whole world)

Alamgir (the lord of the whole world)

Aleem (knowledgeable)

Alhad (joy)

Ali (protected by god)

Alok (a man with lovely hair)

Aloke (light)

Amaanath (treasure)

Amal (unblemished; pure)

Amalendu (the unblemished moon)

Amalesh (the pure one)

Amanda (active)

Amar (forever; immortal)

Amartya (immortal)

Amber (the sky)

Ambarish (the sky)

Ambuj (lotus)

Ameya (immeasurable; boundless)

Amil (invaluable)

Amin, Ameen (divine grace)


Amish (honest)

Amit (without limit; endless)

Amitbikram (limitless prowess)

Amitiyoti (limitless brightness)

Amitabh, Amitabha, Amitav, Amitava (limitless lustre; name of Lord Buddha)

Amitesh (one who is Infinite; God)

Amitrasudan (destroyer of enemies)

Amiya (nectar; delight)

Amlan (unfading; everbright)

Amlankusum (unfading flower)

Ammar (the maker)

Amod (pleasure)

Amogh (unerring; a name of Lord Ganesh)

Amoha (clear, straight)

Amol (priceless)

Amolik, Amolak (priceless)

Amrit, Amrik (nectar)

Amulya (priceless)

Anadi (eternal)

Anal (fire)

Anamitra (the sun)

Anand, Ananda (joy; happiness)

Ananga, Anang (name of Cupid or Kamadeva)

Ananmaya (one who cannot be broken)

Ananta, Anant (infinite)

Anantram (the eternal; god)

Anarghya (priceless)

Anbarasu (king of love)

Anbu (love, kindness)

Anbuchelvan, Anbuselvan (kind, king of love)

Anbumadi (kind and intelligent)

Angad (an ornament)

Angada (bracelet, brother of Wali & Sugreev)

Angamuthu (made of pearls)

Anil (the wind god)

Animish, Animesh (open-eyed therefore attractive)

Anirudh, Anirudhha (free; grandson of Lord Krishna)

Anirvan (undying)

Anisa (supreme)

Anish (supreme; Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva)

Aniteja (Immeasurable splendour)

Anjasa (guileless, deceitless)

Anjum (a token)

Anjuman (a token; a sumbol)

Ankit (conquered)

Ankur (sprout; new life)

Ankush (check)

Anmol (priceless)

Anoop, Anup (without comparison)

Anshu (the sun)

Anshuman (the sun)

Anshumat (luminous)

Anshul (radiant)

Anshuman (the sun)

Anugya (authority)

Anuha (satisfied)

Anuj, Anuja (younger brother)

Anunay (supplication; consolation)

Anup, Anoop (without comparison)

Anupam (incomparable; without comparison)

Anurag, Anuraag (love; attachment; devotion)

Anuttam (unsurpassed)

Anwar (devotee of God)

Apparajito (undefeated)

Apurva, Apoorva (unique)

Arav (peaceful)

Aravali (righteous)

Aravan (righteous)

Archan (worship)

Archit (worshipped)

Ardhendu (half moon)

Arghya (offering to the Lord)

Arhant, Arihant (destroyer of enemies)

Arijit (conquering enemies)

Arindam (destroyer of enemies)

Arivalagan (intelligent and handsome)

Arivali (smart, intelligent)

Arivarasu (king of wisdom)

Arivoli (glowing with intelligence)

Arivuchelvan (one whose wealth is his wisdom)

Arivumadhi (intelligent)

Arivumani (intelligent gem)

Arivunambi (confident and intelligent)

Arjit (earned)

Arjun (Pandava prince; bright; peacock)

Arka (the sun)

Arnav (ocean)

Arnesh (lord of the sea)

Arokya (very pious, healthy)

Arshad (pious)

Arul (the lord's grace; lord's blessings)

Arulchelvan, Arulselvan (blessed)

Arumugan (one with 6 faces - lord Murugan)

Arun, Aroon (mythological - charioteer of the sun; dawn)

Aruni (name of a devoted pupil)

Arvind (lotus)

Arvinda, Arabinda (lotus)

Arya (honoured, noble)

Aryaman (the sun)

Aryan (from a high race)

Asao, Asav (essence)

Aseem, Ashim (limitless)

Asgar (devotee)

Ashis, Ashish (benediction, blessings)

Ashok, Ashoka (without grief)

Ashraf (without grief)

Ashu (quick)

Ashutosh (Lord Shiva)

Ashwin, Ashvin, Asvin (a cavalier; a Hindu month)

Ashwatthama (fiery tempered)

Asija (brother of Sage Brihaspathi)

Asim, Aseem (limitless)

Asit, Ashit (the planet)

Aslam (greeting)

Asuman (please email us if you know the meaning)

Aslesh (embrance)

Atanu (Cupid)

Atal (immoveable)

Athiya, Atiya (to surpass)

Atharvan (one of the four Vedas)

Atma (soul)

Atmaja (son)

Atmajyoti (inner light; light of the soul)

Atmananda (bliss of soul)

Atralarasu (skilled/talented king or leader)

Atre, Atreya (the son of sage Atri to whom Dattatreya was born)

Atul, Atulya (matchless; incomparable)

Avadhesh (King Dasaratha)

Avanindra (lord of the earth)

Avanish (lord of the earth)

Avikshit (never seen before)

Avinash (indestructible)

Avkash (limitless space)

Avatar (incarnation)

Ayyappa, Ayyappan (southern deity; ever youthful)

Ayog (institution)

Ayush (age; duration of life; a divine personification)

Azeez (friend)

Azzam (the lord; Almighty)

Azhar (famous)

Indian Boy Baby Names

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