Indian Boy Baby Names

Indian Boy Baby Names :

Chaitanya (the name of a saint; consciousness)
Chakrapani (Lord Vishnu)
Chaman (garden)
Champak (a flower)
Chandak (the moon)
Chandra, Chandrabhan (the moon)
Chandrahas (bow of Shiva)
Chandrakanta (the moon)
Chandrakumar (the moon)
Chandrashekhar (one who holds moon in his hair knot, Lord Shiva)
Chandran (the moon)
Chandraraj (moonbeam)
Charan (feet)
Chaturbhuj (strong, broad shouldered)
Chetana (consciousness)
Chidambar (one whose heart is as big as the sky)
Chinmay (blissful)
Chintamani (philosopher's stone)
Chiranjeev (immortal)
Chirayu (immortal)
Chitraksh (beautiful eyed)
Chitrarath (the sun)
Chitta (mind)
Chittaswarup (the supreme spirit)
Chudamani (jewel adorned by the gods)
Chakor (a bird enamoured of the moon)
Chakshu (eye)
Chamanlal (garden)
Chanchal (restless)
Chandan (sandalwood)
Chandrachur (Lord Shiva)
Chandrak (peacock feather)
Chandrakishore (the moon)
Chandramohan (attractive like the moon)
Chandresh (lord of the moon)
Chandranath (the moon)
Chapal (quick)
Charanjit, Charanjeet (one who has won over the lord)
Chetan (consciousness, life)
Chhandak (the charioteer of Lord Buddha)
Chidananda (Lord Shiva)
Chinmayananda (blissful)
Chirag (lamp)
Chirantan (immortal)
Chitrabhanu (fire)
Chitral (of variegated colour)
Chitrasen (a king of Gandharvas)
Chittaranjan (joy of inner mind)
Chittesh (lord of the soul)

Indian Boy Baby Names

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