Indian Boy Baby Names

Indian Boy Baby Names :

Dabeet (warrior)
Damian (tamer)
Darpan (a mirror)
Dasharath (the father of Lord Rama)
Debashis (benediction of god)
Deep (a lamp)
Deepan (lighting up)
Deependu (bright moon)
Deepit (lighted)
Deeptendu (bright moon)
Deeptimoy (lustrous)
Devabrata (a name of Bhisma)
Devajyoti (brightness of the Lord)
Devendra (Lord Indra)
Dev Kumar (son of gods)
Devnath (King of gods)
Deveshwar (Lord Shiva)
Dhanesh (lord of wealth)
Dhansukh (wealthy; happy)
Dharanidhar (Shesh - the cosmic serpent)
Dharmanand (one who takes pleasure in his religion)
Dharmendu (light of religion)
Dharmveer (religious)
Dheeman (intelligent)
Dheer (gentle)
Dheerendra (god of courage)
Dhruva (unshakeable the Pole Star)
Dhyanesh (meditative)
Dilawar (brave)
Dinar (gold coin)
Dinesh (the sun)
Divyanga (divine body)
Drupad (a king, father of Draupadi)
Dushyanta (a king from the epic Mahabharata)
Dwijaraj (king of Brahmins; the moon)
Dwijesh (river)
Daman (one who controls)
Damodar (Lord Ganapati)
Darshan (religious text)
Dasharathi (Lord Rama)
Deenabandhu (friend of the poor)
Deepak (lustrous)
Deepankar (lord of light)
Deepesh (lord of light)
Deeptanshu (the sun)
Deeptiman (lustrous)
Dev (God, king)
Devadas (follower of God)
Devak (divine)
Devdutta (king)
Devnarayan (king)
Devesh (Lord Shiva)
Dhananjay (Arjuna)
Dhanraj (Lord Kuber)
Dhanvant (wealthy)
Dharmadas (one who serves his religion)
Dharmendra (God of religion)
Dharmpal (protector of his religion)
Dhawal (white)
Dheemant (wise; intelligent)
Dhiraj (emperor)
Dhritiman (patient)
Dhwani (sound)
Dilip (an ancestor of Lord Rama, a king)
Dinanath (protector)
Dindayal (kindto the poor)
Divakar (the sun)
Divyendu (the moon)
Dulal (dear one)
Dwaipayan (the sage Vyasa)
Dwijendra (king of Brahmins; the moon)

Indian Boy Baby Names