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Infinitives :

Rewrite the following sentence using the infinitive form of the BOLD words.

  1. Climbing mountains is very dangerous.

  2. Stealing others property is a crime.

  3. Helping the poor is service to God.

  4. Paneerselvan loves reading all types of books.

  5. Speaking ill of others is a bad habit.

  6. The House is not fit for living.

  7. Crossing the railway line without looking is dangerous.

  8. He loves watching cricket match.

  9. Barath is confident that he will win the match.

  10. She wants learning music.

  11. I want going.

  12. They hope succeeding in their attempt.

  13. He wanted writing a story.

  14. He desired becoming the king.

  15. She wanted singing on that occasion.

  16. John was happy reading his letter.

  17. Boys love playing cricket.


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