Synonyms & Antonyms : Insist


( Verb )

I insisted that he should come with us.








Contextual Examples:

The principal urged the parents to pay their dues promptly.

Despite hardship he persisted in his ambition to get college education.

The lawyer contended before the judge that the witness was not factually present at the scene of the incident;.

Courtesy demands us to be polite to our seniors

The two friends have maintained their friendship for the last thirty years.

Talent is worthless unless you preserve to develop it.







Contextual Examples:

The retaining manager relinquished charge of his job after delivering the portfolios to the new manager.

I can forgo share of profits in his favor.

The judge announced a waiver of penalty against defaulters.

Buddha renounced the kingdom to take the meditation and to study the objective of human life.

I have abandoned the idea of going to England this summer.

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