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An interjection is a word which expresses a sudden feeling or emotion.

Hello! come on.

Alas! He is dead.

The list of Interjections :

  1. Hurrah! expresses joy.

  2. Bravo! expresses applause.

  3. Hush! expresses attention.

  4. Hello! expresses attention.

  5. Ugh! expresses disgust or horror.

  6. Ah! expresses regret.

  7. Oho! expresses surprise or triumph.

  8. Ha! Ha! expresses laughter.

  9. Oh! expresses surprise or fear.

  10. Well done! expresses approval.

  11. Alas! expresses sorrow.

  12. Fie! expresses contempt.

  13. Hi! calls attention.

  14. Ha! expresses surprise or suspicion.

Examples :

  1. What! The house caught fire.

  2. Hurrah! We have won the match.

  3. Alas! The soldier is dead.

  4. Hush! Even walls have ears.

  5. Bravo! Run fast.

  6. Oh! What a pretty dress it is.

  7. Ah! Here comes the actor at last.

  8. Hello! How do you do?

  9. What! Has he invited you!

  10. Hush! Don’t make a noise.

  11. How wise he is!

  12. Oh! What a nice game he played.

  13. Hurrah! We have won.

  14. Hello! What are you doing there?

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