Interrogative Sentences with WHAT 

Interrogative Sentences with WHAT :

FORMAT : What + were + (you, they, we) + verb + ing?

What were you buying?
I was buying a computer.

What were you doing here?
We were buying a computer.

What were you reading?
We were reading stories.

What were the boys playing?
The boys were playing hocky.

What were the girls doing?
The girls were preparing for the exam.

What were they doing?
They were painting the wall.

What were they doing?
They were discussing the omportant matters.

What were they doing?
They were watching the movie.

What were the boys doing?
The boys were studying.

FORMAT : What + has + (He, she, it, I, You, we, they, Ram and Site) + past participle?

What has he taken?
He has taken a pen.

What has he left?
He has left his bag.

What has he bought?
He has bought a car.

What has Ram given?
Ram has given a file.

What has Sita bought?
Sita has bought a computer.

What has he ordered for?
He has ordered for some books.

What has he requested?
He has requested to permit her.

What has she done?
She has committed a great mistake.

What has it taught?
It has taught a word.

What has it called?
It has caqlled its friend.

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