Interrogative Sentences with WHAT

Interrogative Sentences with WHAT :

FORMAT : What + are + (you, they, we) + verb + ing?

What are you buying?
I am buying a shirt.

What are you taking?
I am taking a pencil.

What are you reading?
I am reading a story.

What are we writing?
We are writing a poem.

What are we teaching?
We are teaching science.

We are we giving her?
We are giving her a chocolate.

We are they playing?
They are playing carom.

What are they doing?
We are ironing their clothes.

What are they teaching?
They are teaching Mathematics.

What are they learning?
They are learning French.

FORMAT : What + was + (he, she, it, Ram and Sita) + verb + ing?

What was he buying?
He was buying mangoes.

What was he reading?
He was reading a story.

What was he selling?
He is selling toys.

What was he taking?
He was taking the key.

What was Ram writing?
Ram was writing a poem.

What was Ram doing?
Ram was cleaning the room.

What was Meera sending?
Meera was sending a parcel.

What was she doing?
She was arranging the books.

What was Meera doing?
Meera was talking to her friends.

What was Ravi doing?
Ravi was giving instructions to his servants.

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