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Here is the comprehensive and exhausting list of Investing Vocabulary. Stock Market is a wide area and highly specialised area where only properly informed and highly skilled persons could survive. With our experience of long period, we have listed all the terms associated with the stock market. Few terms take different meanings according to the country where they are used. To get the precise meaning of those terms, you are advised to refer the stock-exchange associated with that country. Otherwise these terms take the same meanings.

List of words beginning with

  1. Call Option

  2. Canadian Depository for Securities Limited (CDS)

  3. Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC)

  4. Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF)

  5. Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)

  6. Capital

  7. Capital Gain or Loss

  8. Capital Gains Distribution

  9. Capital Pool Companies

  10. Capital Stock

  11. Capital Trust

  12. Capitalization Change

  13. Capitalization Effective Date

  14. Capitalization or Capital Structure

  15. Capped Indices

  16. Cash

  17. Cash Dividend / Distribution

  18. Cash Settlement

  19. Certificate

  20. Changes in Stock List

  21. CL1

  22. CL2

  23. Clearing Day

  24. Clearing Number

  25. Client Order

  26. Closed-End Investment Fund

  27. Closing Transaction

  28. Commission

  29. Commodities

  30. Common Shares or Common Stock

  31. Complete Fill

  32. Conditional Listing Application (CLA)

  33. Consolidated Short Position Report

  34. Continuous Disclosure

  35. Convertible Security

  36. Corporation or Company

  37. Cross

  38. Crossing Session

  39. Cum Dividend

  40. Cum Rights

  41. Cum-Dividend/Distribution Date

  42. CUSIP

  43. Cyclical Stock

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