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Here is the comprehensive and exhausting list of Investing Vocabulary. Stock Market is a wide area and highly specialised area where only properly informed and highly skilled persons could survive. With our experience of long period, we have listed all the terms associated with the stock market. Few terms take different meanings according to the country where they are used. To get the precise meaning of those terms, you are advised to refer the stock-exchange associated with that country. Otherwise these terms take the same meanings.

List of words beginning with

  1. If, As & When Issued Trading

  2. Improving the Market

  3. Income Deposit Security (IDS)

  4. Income Participating Security (IPS)

  5. Income Stock

  6. Income Trust

  7. Index

  8. Index Participation Unit (IPU)

  9. Indicated Annual Dividend/Distribution

  10. Indicative Calculated Closing Price (ICCP)

  11. Inflation

  12. Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  13. Inside Information

  14. Insider

  15. Insider Trading

  16. Interlisted

  17. Intermarket Surveillance Group (ISG)

  18. International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)

  19. Intrinsic Value

  20. Investment

  21. Investment Advisor

  22. Investment Capital

  23. Investment Counselor

  24. Investment Dealer

  25. Investment Dealers Association of Canada (IDA)

  26. Investment Fund

  27. Investor Relations

  28. IPO Financing

  29. Issue

  30. Issue Status

  31. Issued and Outstanding Securities

  32. Issuer Status

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