Synonyms & Antonyms : Kill


( Verb )

The frost
killed the flowers.







Put to death



Contextual Examples:

Indira Gandhi was
assassinated by her body guard.

Hitler ordered the
massacre of innocent Jews to satisfy his racial whims and fancies.

Siddhartha was sentenced to death for
murdering his wife.

A numbers of goats were taken to the
slaughter house.

The culprit was
executed for his murdering of his wife.

Even the mulch animals were
butchered due to shortage of meat for the soldiers.

The injured horse was
dispatched by its owner.

The king
put the rebel to death when he came to know of the conspiracy hatched by the latter.






Contextual Examples:

God has
created humans to love each other, not to hate and kill.

The organization has
produced a booklet to help small investors.

fashions do not impress the simple village folk.

Improper sanitation and drainage has
caused malaria and jaundice in the city.

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