Kinds of Noun

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Kinds of Noun :

A Noun is a word used as the name of a person, place, or thing.

Examples :
1. Madurai is on the river Vaigai.

2. Milton is an English poet.

3. Ashoka was a wise king.

4. Kamala is a fine dancer.

5. My father gave me $500.

6. India is a developed country.

7. Harvard is the oldest University in the whole world.

8. Internet is here to stay.

9. Computer is not the ultimate reality.

10. Beauty is not in the thing.

11. Himalaya is the wonder of the nature.

12. Book is the best friend of a learned man.

Kinds of Noun :

Nouns are of the following kinds.
1. Proper Noun
2. Common Noun
3. Abstract Noun
4. Material Noun
5. Collective Noun

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