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Land : noun : area of earth

Land Agent = person who runs a farm or a large area of land for someone

Land Register(GB) = register of land showing who owns it and what buildings are on it

Land Registration = system of registering land and its owners

Land Registry = government office where land is registered

Land Taxes = taxes on the amount of land someone owns

Land : verb : to put goods or passengers on to land after a voyage by sea or by air

  • To land goods at a port

  • To land passengers at an airport

  • Landed Costs = costs of goods which have been delivered to a port, unloaded and passed through customs

    Land : verb : to come down to earth after a flight
  • The plane landed ten minutes late.

  • Landing : noun : landing card = card given to passengers who have passed customs and can land from a ship in an aircraft

    Landing Charges = payment for putting goods on land and the customs duties

    Landing Order = permit which allows goods to be unloaded into a bonded warehouse without paying customs duty

    Landlady : noun : woman who owns a property which she lets

    Landlord : noun : person or company which owns a property which is let

    Ground Landlord = person or company which owns the freehold of a property which is then let and sublet
  • Our ground landlord is an insurance company.

  • Landowner : noun : person who owns large areas of land

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