Synonyms & Antonyms : Large


( Adjective )

Drainage problems are commom to all the
large cities like Mumbai.






Contextual Examples:

The administration of a country is responsible for solving all its problems,
big or small.

The Prime Minister addressed the
mammoth gathering at the Red Fort to explain in brief the national policies on matters of internal and external nature.

Ashoka and Akbar are two
great outstanding names in India’s history of ancient and medieval period.

This book is
monumental work on the social system in India.






Contextual Examples:

The writing of a book on Society in India is not a
small job.

It requires going into
minute details, before putting in black and white the facts about American society.

Some of the topics dealt with subjects which is of
delicate nature and hence is time consuming.

It requires a
sophisticated approach to make success of the project.

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