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Last : adjective & adverb : coming at the end of a series

  • Out of a queue of twenty people, I was served last.

  • This is our last board meeting before we move to our new offices.

  • We finished the last items in the order just two days before the promised delivery date.

  • Last Quarter = period of three months to the end of the financial year

    Last : adjective & adverb : most recent or most recently
  • Where is the last batch of orders?

  • The last ten orders were only for small quantities.

  • Last week = the week before this one

  • Last month = the month before this one

  • Last year = the year before this one

  • Last’s sales were the best we have ever had.

  • The sales managers have been asked to report on last month's drop in unit sales.

  • Last’s accounts have to be ready by the AGM.

  • The week before last = the week before the one before this

  • The month before last = the month before the one before this

  • The year before last = the year before the one before this

  • Last’s figures were bad. But they were an improvement on those of the year before last.

  • Last : verb : to go on or to continue
  • The boom started in the 1970s and lasted until the early 1980s.

  • The discussions over redundancies lasted all day.

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