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Lay : verb : to put

  • To lay an embargo on trade with a country = to forbid trade with a country

  • NOTE : laying – laid

    Layoff : verb : to lay off workers = to dismiss workers for a time (until more work is available)
  • The factory laid off half its workers because of lack of orders.

  • To layoff risks = to protect oneself against risk in one investment by making other investments

  • Lay-Off : noun : action of dismissing a worker for a time
  • The recession has caused hundreds of lay-offs in the car industry.

  • Layout : verb : to spend money
  • We had to layout half our cash budget on equipping the new factory.

  • Layout : noun : arrangement of the inside of a building
  • They have altered the layout of the offices.

  • Lay Up : verb : to stop using a ship because there is no work
  • Half the shipping fleet is laid up by the recession.

  • QUOTE : The Company lost $52 million last year. And it has laid off close to 2,000 employees. (Toronto Star)

    QUOTE : While trading conditions for the tanker are being considered, it is possible that the ship could be laid up. (Lloyd’s List)

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