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Lead : verb : to be the first or to be in front

  • The company leads the market in cheap computers.

  • Lead : verb : to be the main person in a group
  • She will lead the trade mission to Nigeria.

  • The tour of American factories will be led by the minister.

  • NOTE : leading - led

    Leader : noun : person who manages or directs others
  • The leader of the construc¬tion workers union

  • The construction workers leader

  • She is the leader of the trade mission to Nigeria.

  • The minister was the leader of the party of industrialists on a tour of American factories.

  • Leader : noun : a product which sells best

    A Market Leader = product which sells most in a market or company which has the largest share of a market

    Loss-Leader = article which is sold very cheaply to attract customers

    Leader : important share or share which is often bought or sold on the Stock Exchange

    Leading : adjective : most important
  • Leading industrialists feel the end of the recession is near.

  • Leading shares rose on the Stock Exchange.

  • Leading shareholders in the company forced a change in management policy.

  • They are the leading company in the field.

  • Lead Time : noun : time between deciding to place an order and receiving the product
  • The lead time on this item is more than six weeks.

  • Lead (up) to : verb : to be the cause of
  • The discussions led to a big argument between the management and the union.

  • We received a series of approaches leading all to the takeover bid.

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