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Legal : adjective : according to the law or allowed by the law

  • The company's action was completely legal.

  • Legal : adjective : referring to the law
  • To take legal action = to sue someone or to take someone to court

  • To take legal advice = to ask a lawyer to advise about a legal problem

  • Legal Adviser = person who advises clients about the law

    Legal Aid (UK) = government scheme where someone who has little money can have his legal expenses paid for him

    Legal Claim = statement that someone owns something legally
  • He has no legal claim to the property.

  • Legal Costs = money spent on fees for lawyers

    Legal Charges = money spent on fees for lawyers

    Legal Expenses = money spent on fees for lawyers

    Legal Currency = money which is legally used in a country

    Legal Department = section of a company dealt with legal matters

    Legal Section = section of a company dealt with legal matters

    Legal Expert = person who knows a lot about the law

    Legal Holiday = day when banks and other businesses are closed

    Legal Tender = coins or notes which can be legally used to pay a debt (small denominations cannot be used to pay large debts)

    Legality : noun : being allowed by law
  • There is doubt about the legality of the company's action in dismissing him.

  • Legalize : verb : to make something legal

    Legalization : noun : making something legal

    Legally : adverb : according to the Law
  • The contract is legally binding = accord to the law the contract has to be obeyed.

  • The directors are legally responsible = the law says that the directors are responsible.

  • Legatee : noun : person who receives prop¬erty from someone who has died

    Legislation : noun : laws
  • Labor Legislation = laws concerning the employment of workers

  • NOTE : no plural

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