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( Noun )

This medicine will certainly lessen the pain to some extent.








Contextual Examples:

Computer has lightened the manual work of accounting.

We have tried to assuage the feelings of our retrenched employees by assuring to absorb them in the next phase of expansion programme.

We have to allay the fear of the existing staff in respect of any further retrenchment.

The management has announced an increase in dearness allowance to mitigate the adverse effect of recent inflation. This has softened the attitude of hard core union leaders. It has also helped to temper the quality of the new staff.








Contextual Examples:

Promotions among the existing officers have greatly heightened the reputation of the company.

But the attitude of the lower staff has toughened threatening to reduce productivity at the lower levels.

We should enlarge the sphere of cooperation among the officers and the subordinates somehow to achieve better performance.

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