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Letter : noun : piece of writing sent from one person or company to another to give information

Business Letter = letter which deals with business matters

Circular Letter = letter sent to many people

Covering Letter = letter sent with documents to say why they are being sent

Follow-Up Letter = letter sent to someone after a previous letter or after a Visit

Private Letter = letter which deals with personal matters

Standard Letter = letter which is sent without change to various correspondents

Letter : noun : letter of acknowledgement = letter which says that something has been received

Letters of Administration = letter given by a court to allow someone to deal with the estate of someone who has died

Letter of Allotment = letter which tells someone how many shares in a new company he has been allotted

Allotment Letter = letter which tells someone how many shares in a new company he has been allotted

Letter of Application = letter in which someone applies for a job

Letter of Appointment = letter in which someone is appointed to a job

Letter of Comfort = letter supporting someone who is trying to get a loan

Letter of Complaint = letter in which someone complains

Letter Of Credit = letter from a bank allowing someone credit and promising to repay at a later date

Letter of Indemnity = letter promising payment of compensation for a loss

Letter Of Intent = letter which states what a company intends to do if something happens

Letters Patent = official document which gives someone the exclusive night to make, and sell something which he has Invented

Letter of Reference = letter in which an employer recommends someone for a new job

Air Letter = special thin blue paper which when folded can be sent by air without an envelope

Airmail Letter = letter sent by air

Express Letter = letter sent very fast

Registered Letter = letter which is noted by the post office before it is sent so that compensation can be claimed if it' is lost

  • To acknowledge receipt by letter = to write a letter to say that something has been received

  • Letter : noun : Written or printed sign (such as A, B, C, etc.)
  • Write your name and address in block letters or in capital letters.

  • Letterhead : noun : name and address of a company printed at the top of a piece of notepaper

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