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This is a Letter of Greeting which will give you few ideas about how to draft such a letter?

Mr. John is a business man and is in India. He has brought his son, Mr. Dais, into his business. After Mr. Dais joined his father, their business has earned more profit. Their family friend Mr. Randall, who is in Bangkok, comes to know of this news. Mr. Randall writes a letter to Mr. John greeting Mr. John on the success of their family business.

13 Sloan Square,

19th March 2001.

Dear John,

I am happy to learn from your son, who is on a business tour to this country Bangkok, that your company Sony Dresses Ltd. Has now completed ten successful years and that you have grossed a net profit of $50, 00, 000 in the last year.

Your son tells me of the great problems you had in getting an export license and that the new economic liberalization policy has proved a tremendous boon to you. I also hear that you are now on the international trade network for Indian Dresses. I have no doubt that you shall make it big, with your hard work and perseverance. It was wise of you to think of inducting your eldest son, Mr. Dais, into your business. Your son Dais is now our great guest now.

For his business acumen and intelligence, he will take your family business to a new height.

With all the best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Rendal


This is a Letter-of-Greeting which will give you few ideas about how to draft such a letter?

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