Synonyms & Antonyms : Liberal


( Adjective )

He is liberal of promises, but not of money.









Contextual Examples:

The current monsoons assure a plentiful crop of food grains next year.

Unless Hindus and Muslims show the old tolerant attitude, the age-long oneness may not be fully restored in Gujarat.

Madhuri shed profuse tears on hearing of her husband’s death by a bomb in Jammu & Kashmir.

The new economic policy announced by the Finance minister gives a free hand to private enterprise in its day-to-day functioning.






Contextual Examples:

The scanty rains this year in some of the state in India may adversely affect the total availability of food grains.

Our boss has a grasping temperament. He seldom looks to the other’s view point.

I am feeling very low today. The news of the air crash has upset my spirits.

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