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Limit : noun : point at which something ends or point where you can go no further

  • To set limits to imports

  • To impose import limits = to allow only a certain amount of imports

  • Age Limit = top age at which you are allowed to do a job
  • There is an age limit of thirty-five on the post of buyer.

  • Credit Limit = largest amount of money which a customer can borrow
  • He has exceeded his credit limit = he has borrowed more money than he is allowed.

  • Lending Limit = restriction on the amount of money a hank can lend

    Time Limit = maximum time which can be taken to do something
  • They have set a time limit for acceptance of this offer.

  • Weight Limit = maximum weight

    Limit : verb : to stop something from going beyond a certain point
  • The banks have limited their credit. (The banks have allowed their customers only a certain amount of credit.)

  • Each agent is limited to twenty-five units. (Each agent is alluded only twenty-five units to sell.)

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