Birbal Stories: Limping Horse

Limping Horse

Let us enjoy reading this one of Birbal Stories of Limping Horse.

A nobleman’s prized racehorse began to limp for no apparent reason.

Veterinarians who were called found nothing wrong with the leg - no fracture, no sprain and no soreness - and they were baffled.

The nobleman finally consulted a sage, a man known for his wisdom.

“Has anything changed for the horse in the last few months?" he asked.

“I changed his trainer a few weeks ago," said the nobleman.

“Does the horse get on well with his new trainer?"

“Very well! In fact, he’s devoted to him."

“Does the trainer limp?"

“Uh… yes, he does."

“The reason for the horse’s limp is clear," said the sage. “He’s imitating his handler. We all tend to imitate those whom we admire. The company we keep has a great influence on us."

The nobleman put the horse in the charge of another trainer and the horse soon stopped limping.

— Adapted from the Jataka

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