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Linkers :

Read the given passage and list out the linkers used.

Exercise : 1

It was a dark night it looked as if it might rain heavily and moment. I heard a knock at the door I didn’t open. The knock continued. Then I opened the window and looked through it. As the lights had gone off, I couldn’t see the person clearly. I lit the candle. It was none other than my friend.

Answer : as, if, then, and

Exercise : 2

A doctor who worked in a village was very unhappy because many people would stop him in the street and ask his advice. And he was never paid for his services. So, he could not earn enough money. Later, he made up his mind to put an end to this. One day he was stopped by a young man. He said, “Doctor, I’m so glad to see you. I‘ve got a severe stomach pain. The doctor got angry. But he pretended to be interested and said, “Close your eyes and stretch your tongue." Then he went away leaving the man. He was standing in the street with his tongue hanging out. People who passed by had a hearty laugh at this funny sight.

Answer : because, and, so, but, then

Exercise : 3

It’s so long ago, I forget, I lived with my sister and her seven children. Then… yes, I remember! We had no food, so I stole some bread and I was sentenced for 19 years.

Answer : so, and, then

Exercise : 4

The next morning Sambu was taken on a tour around the Yard. He was introduced to Detective Palmer and Detective Hunt. Detective Sambu was shown the details of the case and could not make head or tail of it. he promised to look into it, though he was actually disinterested. He left the place quickly and walked aimlessly. The detectives were unsure about Sambu’s lukewarm reaction.

Answer : and, or, though

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