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Liquid : adjective : liquid assets = cash or bill which can be changed into cash

  • To go liquid = to convert as many a assets as possible into cash

  • Liquidate : to liquidate a company = to close a company and sell its assets
  • To liquidate a debt = to pay a debt in full

  • To liquidate stock = to sell stock to raise cash

  • Liquidation : noun : liquidation of a debt = payment of a debt

    Liquidation : noun : closing of a company and selling of its assets
  • The company went into liquidation. (The company was closed and its assets were sold.)

  • Compulsory Liquidation : liquidation which is ordered by court

    Voluntary Liquidation = situation where a company itself decides it must close

    Liquidator : noun : person named to supervise the closing of a company which is in liquidation

    Liquidity : noun : having cash or assets which can he changed into cash

    Liquidity Crisis = not having enough liquid assets

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