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Kamal : Father

Sarika : Mother

Rahul : Son

Harini : Daughter

GF : Grand Father

GM : Grand Mother


5.30 A.M.

Sarika : Kamal get up.

Kamal : Oh! What's the time?

Sarika : Its half past five.

Kamal : Oh! I must get up. Oh! Lord! I surrender this day to you.

Sarika : Go and brush your teeth.

Kamal : Where is the newspaper?

Sarika : Here it is. I will prepare the coffee in the meantime.

Kamal : Good morning dad!

G.Father : Good Morning, my dear son. What is the hot news today?

Kamal : As usual about inflation of money and price rising.

Sarika : Aunty, Have you brushed your teeth?

G.Mother : Yes, I have.

Sarika : Take this coffee.

G.Mother : Did you add sugar?

Sarika : No, I didn't.

Kamal : What happened?

Sarika : Yesterday aunt checked her sugar.

G.Mother : Doctor advised me to reduce sugar.

Kamal : Only to reduce sugar now.

G.Mother : I want to avoid it completely.

G. Father : That's good. Prevention is better than cure

Sarika : Go and walk for at least 1 hour.

G. Father : Walk for 1 hour! Highly impossible

Kamal : If you walk daily no disease will affect you

G.Mother : But I will be very much tired.

Kamal : I am not asking you to run.

G.Mother : Ok! Let us walk slowly.

Sarika : Go carefully.

G.Mother : While returning I will buy some greens.

Sarika : Ok! In the mean time I shall take bath.

Words to Know

  1. Surrender

  2. meantime

  3. inflation

  4. hot news

  5. price rising

  6. happened

  7. prevention

  8. impossible

  9. returning

  10. greens

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