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This is a typical Live English Conversations to discuss a tour.


Rahul, Surya and Headmaster


11.30 A.M.

Surya : May I come in sir?

Headmaster : Yes come in.

Rahul & Surya : Good Morning sir.

Headmaster : Good morning! Rahul and Surya tell me the matter.

Rahul : We want to discuss our tour.

Headmaster : By all means, where are you going?

Rahul : We are going to Bangalore.

Headmaster : How many students have joined?

Rahul : Almost 200 students.

Headmaster : Then you need 4 buses.

Surya : Yes sir. We will arrange for the buses.

Headmaster : How long will you stay there?

Surya : We will stay for two days.

Headmaster : What help do you want from me?

Surya : We want you to join the tour to guide us.

Headmaster : I don't have the time.

Rahul : Who will come then?

Headmaster : I ask the English master to act as guide.

Surya : He is the right person.

Headmaster : That's why I chose him.

Rahul : More over he is the responsible person.

Headmaster : Where will you stay there?

Rahul : We need your help for staying.

Headmaster : I have one friend there. I will ask him to arrange.

Surya : Thank you sir.

Headmaster : Get a letter from me. He will arrange every thing for you.

Rahul : Once again we invite you, sir.

Headmaster : Oh! I am sorry, I can't.

Surya : Then we shall leave now. Thank you sir.

Headmaster : Alright.

Words to Know
  1. discuss
  2. tour
  3. joined
  4. arrange
  5. almost
  6. stay
  7. guide
  8. right person
  9. responsible
  10. invite

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