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This is a typical Live English Conversations during the tour.


Rahul, Surya and The Tour Guide


8.30 A.M.

Guide : Have you all gathered here?

Student : Yes sir.

Guide : Rahul, Where is the name list?

Rahul : Here it is.

Guide : Check the names.

Rahul : I have already checked.

Guide : Is everyone present?

Rahul : Yes sir.

Guide : Surya, go and see whether the buses have arrived.

Surya : Just now I have contacted the bus company.

Guide : What did they tell?

Surya : They are on the way.

Guide : Students, listen here. All of you must be careful. Form the group among you. Where ever you go, kindly inform me. Don't go separately. Follow the instruction strictly.

Surya : Yes, sir.

Student : What are the places to be visited in Bangalore?

Guide : We can go to Lalbagh, Vidhan Choudah.

Rahul : We shall go to museum, planetarium, etc.

Surya : Shall we go to Mysore?

Guide : That's not possible.

Rahul : We need another two days if we go to Mysore.

Guide : Yes. You are correct.

Rahul : What are you going to buy there?

Surya : I plan to buy a HMT watch there.

Rahul : Oh! I see.

Words to Know
  1. Gathered
  2. Checked
  3. Present
  4. Arrived
  5. Contacted
  6. On the way
  7. Kindly
  8. Instructions
  9. Museum
  10. Planetarium

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