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Rahul and Surya


10.30 A.M. (In Bangalore)

Surya : This is Vidhan Choudhah.

Rahul : What a marvellous building!

Surya : This is the Assembly of Karnataka.

Rahul : All the MLAs gather here.

Surya : Yes.

Rahul : What are the other places are we going to visit.

Surya : Many parks are here.

Rahul : How do you know this place?

Surya : I came twice here.

Rahul : When?

Surya : 3 years back, my uncle was here.

Rahul : Did you come with your parent?

Surya : Yes, Let's go to the museum.

Rahul : Come on.

Surya : This museum is one of the largest museums in India.

Rahul : Can we find all the species here?

Surya : Yes, we can find.

Rahul : What's the name of the Museum?

Surya : Visweshraya Museum.

Rahul : It's really splendid.

Surya : Yes, it's really.

Rahul : Where shall we go next?

Surya : We shall go to the planetarium.

Rahul : Where is it?

Surya : It's near.

Rahul : Is it like Birla planetarium in Chennai?

Surya : Yes. Almost.

Rahul : I have been there thrice.

Surya : This tour is really unforgettable.

Rahul : Yeah!

Words to Know

  1. Marvellous
  2. Assembly
  3. Gather
  4. Twice
  5. Largest
  6. Species
  7. Splendid
  8. Thrice
  9. Unforgettable
  10. Yeah!

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