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Rahul, Surya and Bus Conductor


5.30 A.M.

Rahul : Oh! The tour has ended happily.

Surya : Yah! I really enjoyed the tour. What about you?

Rahul : I too really enjoyed.

Surya : Here comes the bus.

Rahul : Hurry up.

Surya : Let us go home.

Rahul : Have you taken all the luggage?

Surya : Yes I have.

Rahul : Didn't you forget to take anything?

Surya : No, I didn't.

Rahul : Oh! The bus didn't stop.

Surya : Why didn't you take your two wheeler?

Rahul : My father's car has been repaired. He wants to use my vehicle.

Surya : Oh! I see?

Rahul : Let us wait for the next bus.

Surya : When will it come?

Rahul : It will come within 10 minutes.

Surya : Here comes the bus.

Rahul : Let us board the bus.

Surya : Two tickets to town hall road please.

Conductor : Give me Rs. 7/-.

Surya : I have only Rs.I00/-.

Conductor : Where can I go for change this morning?

Rahul : Let me check if I have change.

Conductor : At least give me 10/ - note.

Rahul : Sir here is a Rs. 10/- note.

Conductor : Here is Rs. 3/-.

Rahul : Thank you sir.

Surya : I will get down on the way.

Rahul : Alright, I will meet you later.

Words to Know

  1. Enjoyed
  2. Luggage
  3. Two wheeler
  4. Repaired
  5. Vehicle
  6. Wait
  7. Within
  8. Board
  9. Change
  10. Get down

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