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This is a typical Live English Conversations at The Doctor's Clinic.


Kamal (Father), Rahul ( Son ) and Doctor


7.00 A.M.

(Rahul arrives at his house)

Kamal : Hello my son Rahul! How was the tour?

Rahul : It was nice, dad.

Kamal : Did you really enjoy the tour?

Rahul : Yes, I really enjoyed it.

Kamal : But you are not brisk.

Rahul : I feel tired. That’s all.

Kamal : No. There's something strange in you.

(He touches his forehead.)

Kamal : Hai, you are running temperature.

Rahul : Yes, I feel feverish.

Kamal : Let us go to the doctor.

Rahul : No need if I sleep it will be alright.

Kamal : No. I shall call the doctor otherwise.

Rahul : No dad, I shall take the medicine orally.

Kamal : Taking oral medicine is another harmful thing.

Rahul : Should we go to the doctor for ordinary fever?

Kamal : Yes come on.

(At the doctor's clinic)

Kamal : Excuse me sir.

Doctor : Yes, come in. what's the problem?

Kamal : I don't have any problem.

Rahul : I feel feverish.

Doctor : Sit here. Let me check (He checks with thermometer) Oh! The temperature is 102oC. Did you go anywhere?

Rahul : I have been to Bangalore for the past two days.

Doctor : Oh! The problem is with the climate. I will give some medicine. You will be all right.

Rahul : Thank you doctor.

Words to Know

  1. Brisk
  2. Strange
  3. Forehead
  4. Feverish
  5. Orally
  6. Harmful
  7. Thermometer
  8. Temperature
  9. Climate
  10. Medicine

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